Spider Animation Finished!


Last Week of My Animation Class!

So last week was my last week to work on in class my animation and today is going to be my last official week of digital animation.  I am very proud to say that I have completed my animation and even though there were some bumps in the road (ie. sound audio), I can say that I am far more proficient in flash than I was when I started the class!.  When I first started this class I had zero experience working in flash and now at the last week I have a whole minute long animation that I have done by myself.  I will most definitely be doing more animations in the future and this time I’ll be more careful about what music I use!

Splitting motions

With scene 2 of my animation I decided to give it a brief pause as to not make the whole thing look as rushed as it initially did. It was at this point that I learned how to split my tweens so the spider stops moving down the page, but is still moving its little legs. This was very helpful for me later on when I decided to move on to scene three of my spider dropping down its web. Realistically whenever spiders drop down their webs they usually take brief pauses on their way down so with my new knowledge I was able to add a little more realism to my animation.

Audio Issues

After I got all my music for my animatic set up and ready to go I decided to export the video to see how it was going. To my horror, the video would not play any of my music. When picking out my music I had made sure to pick out music that was non copyrighted, so I was incredibly frustrated to find that it was in fact copyrighted. I messed around on youtube for a little bit and was able to find some other suitable audio to slap on top of my video. It certainly wasn’t my original choice, but sometimes you have to think outside the box and make necessary changes to ensure that the finished product is complete.